Refurbishment Finance

£25,000 – £100 million – 1 to 18 months

This is an ideal product for property professionals such as property developers, landlords and architects, who have the experience in delivering refurbishment projects for existing properties, or identifying new project opportunities. This product adds gross development value to the project, thereby maximising profits for the developer.

Property refurbishment finance can typically range from light to heavy refurbishment. This is funded by a short term loan.

Examples of this are:
– Changing the use of a property from a single residence to individual flats.
– Extending the size of a property to add significant value to it.
– Conversions and internal redesigns, such as an outbuilding conversion or adding another floor


Light Refurbishment
No planning permission or change of use needed for this product. Eligible works: -

  • Refurbishments spend to be non-structural in nature
  • Refurbishments spend not to exceed 15% of the day one value/purchase
  • Redecoration throughout
  • Replacing current kitchens/bathrooms
  • Replacing current central heating via install, update, or replace
  • Electrics - upgrade or rewire

Heavy Refurbishment
Planning permission or change of use are suitable for this product. Eligible works: -

  • Refurbishments spend exceeds 15% of the day one value/purchase price
  • Extensions/loft conversions
  • Removing internal walls
  • Works requiring planning consent
  • Change of use where the property has full detailed planning consent in place


  • Ideal for people wanting to purchase and refurbish properties
  • Helps gain capital and passive income growth on tired/distressed properties
  • Obtain 75% LTV of purchase only needing 25% deposit
  • Obtain 100% build costs on agreement of schedule of works and costings with QS
  • Ideal for property developers wanting to maximise profits in a short time with their building/development skills
  • Ideal for permitted development rights (PDR) from offices to residential
  • Focus Commercial understand full planning change of use regulatory details

Case Study

• Client wanted to purchase a distressed property in Cold Harbour Lane, Peckham, London
• It was a shop front with a flat above
• Client was advised by Focus Commercial to purchase the whole building freehold with a leasehold ground floor flat, and refurbish the flat to high standard which would gain capital growth and passive income growth
• Client also wanted to extend the 1st floor with a loft extension to add another flat to the property
• Client approached Focus Commercial due to its expert understanding of purchase and refurbishment planning and costing, and the speed and customer focus of its business practice
• Focus Commercial was able to secure terms within 2 hours for a 75% LTV purchase and 100% development costs, as well as sourcing the financial exit when GDV was achieved in the 6 month timescale for the build

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