Development Finance

£50,000 – £100 million – 1 to 48 months.

Development Finance for property is funding provided by lenders, which is utilised by developers to finance new building or building renovation projects. Usually it is secured against the land or property that is being newly developed or refurbished via a first legal charge, and sometimes in conjunction with a 2nd charge known as mezzanine finance.

This is now often also used to provide higher leverage/gearing finance lending, which can be geared/leveraged up to 90% of the total costs of the project. Normally there would be a loan to aid the purchase of a project or development site, with build finance costs being drawn in arrears.

Stretch Senior Development Finance
Stretched senior development finance facilitates much higher leverage than traditional senior lenders. This allows developers to spread their equity across more than one scheme, offering improved cash flow to their businesses. It is a first charged debt that provides property developers with high loan to value funding for property development and refurbishment schemes.


Residential Property Development Schemes
Use this type of finance to fund the development of both small scale and large scale residential projects.

Mixed Use Development Schemes
If your project has elemens of both residential and commercial applications, you will be eligible for this type of funding.

Commercial Property Development Schemes
If you are looking to fund the development of a commercial property, then development finance is a quick solution.


  • Up to 100% products are available
  • Get heads of terms within hours
  • Applicable to experienced property professionals
  • Applicable to any business type
  • Review multiple options from leading lenders
  • Suited to residential, commercial & mixed use projects
  • Can finance multiple schemes for one developer

Case StudyBrochure - more content

A new client approached Focus Commercial via an established client referral about purchasing an existing property, demolishing the original property and building 6 bespoke apartments. This had a GDV of £8.5m, with a purchase price of £2.25m, and build cost £2.4m in leafy Bowdon Cheshire on 9th November 2015.

Focus Commercial obtained:

  • Terms within the hour
  • Terms for 70% purchase price
  • 100% build cost
  • Lender site visit arranged by Focus Commerical next day
  • Case offered next day 10th November 2015
  • Funds drawdown and purchase completed
  • Demolition and new build to commence

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