Bridging Finance/Short Term Lending

£25,000 – £100 million – 1 to 18 months.

Bridging finance is a short term loan secured against property or land, used for speed and flexibility to bridge the gap until longer term finance, or sales, can be arranged.

This form of funding can be used to complete projects in the following sectors: residential property, land, commercial, mixed-use, auctions, property purchase, property refurbishment and chain breaking. Bridging loans are typically arranged for up to 18 months with far faster turnaround times than traditional mortgages.


Property Purchase
Bridging finance can act as a quick intermediary between purchase and securing a mortgage.

Property Development
If you are looking to develop and then sell a property within a short space of time bridging finance can fund the venture.

Fast Capital Raising
Bridging finance can be used if you need immediate finance in order to secure additional financing


  • Quick finance
  • Decision & terms within hours
  • Rolled up monthly interest
  • We can organise a commercial finance exit
  • Up to 100% loans are available
  • Facilitates excellent growth in GDV

Case Study

case-studyThe client needed to purchase property within a short deadline otherwise the client would have lost sale:

• Approached Focus Commercial at 12.50pm on Thursday, 27th November 2015
• Terms were issued in 1 hour same day for bridging loan to purchase
• Valuation and legals instructed at the same time
• Exit sourced at same time and terms given same day
• Client was able to exchange on Friday 28th November
• Valuation instructed by Focus Commercial and accepted on Monday 1st December 2015
• Funds drawdown and purchase completed Friday 5th December 2015
• Focus work on exit strategy-investment mortgage to redeem bridging loan

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